Personal Project

Personal Project Overview

The Personal Project is the culminating project of the MYP. It is an extended project that provides students the opportunity to explore a topic of interest to them through the lens of one of the Global Contexts. Students conduct research, plan, execute a product or performance, and reflect on the entire process. The MYP personal project consists of three components: The Product, The Report, and The Exhibition.

Personal Project Exhibition

Each student will exhibit their personal project to the staff, parents, and students. For the exhibition, each student must display their product, provide some type of display that shows their process, and answer questions about their product. The exhibition display must:

  • Contain the actual product
  • Have the title and goal of the product posted
  • Identify and explain the connection to the global context
  • Illustrate the process of creating the product with photos, journals, or text
  • Identify and explain the ATLs the student developed through this project
  • Be neat, visually interesting, and engaging