Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

In keeping with the high standards established at Hill-Freedman World Academy, students are required to be in full uniform every day, starting the first day of school. Uniforms may be purchased at Flynn O’Hara. This does not include college gear.

6801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 624-1983

The links below will give you more information about ordering uniforms:

Middle School

Shirts, Ties & Sweaters
▢ Students must wear a light-blue button-down dress shirt.
▢ Students must wear the navy blue uniform sweater with school emblem from Thanksgiving to March 1.
▢ Boys must wear the navy striped tie.
▢ Girls must wear the navy striped girls’ uniform tie only.
Skirts & Pants
▢ Girls must wear the navy blue plaid skirt, unrolled, or the gray uniform pants.
▢ Boys must wear the gray uniform pants.
▢ No cargo pants are allowed.
Shoes, Socks & Belts
▢ Students must wear navy blue, black, or gray socks with no designs or logos.
▢ Girls may not have bare legs.
▢ No ankle socks are permitted.
▢ Open-toed shoes are never permitted in the building, even on dress down days or if students are wearing socks.
Gym Uniform
▢ Students must wear navy blue with the school logo on both the shirt and pants.
▢ Students are not permitted to change for gym: they must report to school in their gym uniforms.
▢ Sneakers can be worn only on gym days.
▢ Hoodies are not permitted at any time, even on gym days

High School

▢ Students must wear the Hill-Freedman polo shirt.  It is recommended that every student has 2.

▢ Students may choose to wear the uniform sweater vest or v-neck sweater year-round.

▢ Collegiate & School Gear Policy | To encourage post-secondary education, high school students only are allowed to wear hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts from any college. Only sweatshirts that have an embroidered or screen-printed logo are permitted. No scoop-neck or deep v-neck shirts are allowed. School athletes or performers are encouraged to wear Hill-Freedman athletic gear or performance attire on game or performance days.


Skirts & Pants
▢ Students may wear denim jeans in solid blue, gray, or black, belted at the waist.
▢ No acid-wash, cut/ripped, colored, patterned, low-rise, or extremely tight jeans are permitted.
▢ Pants must be free of excessive holes and rips, any decals or other markings.
▢ No track pants, tights, leggings, or spandex pants are permitted.  Adidas-style pants are acceptable.
▢ Any style of shoe with a flat heel is permitted, including sneakers.
▢ No heels, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes or high wedge shoes are permitted.
Gym Uniform
▢ Students must wear the navy blue uniform pants and gray uniform shirt with appropriate sneakers for exercise
▢ Yoga pants or other workout clothing is not permitted.
▢ Students are not permitted to change for gym during the school day, and must report to school in their gym uniform.
▢ No cardigans, jackets, hoodies, or outerwear may be worn, with the exception of items in the Collegiate Sweatshirt Policy.

Weather | During the winter months, students are allowed to wear winter boots to school. Skirts, dresses, and shorts are only permitted in the event of excessive heat when the school administration announces that they can be worn. Outerwear is not permitted to be worn in class.

Accessories | Earrings should be no larger than a quarter. Bracelets, necklaces and rings should be subtle and worn in moderation. Headbands must be modest and moderate in size, with no large flowers or bows. Headbands must be black, navy, or school plaid. Bandanas or hats are not permitted at any time in the school building, even on dress down days.

Technology | Apple watches and other wearable smart technology may be worn, but may only be used for time-telling during the school day. Audio headphones may not be visible at any time. Headphones that are visible will be confiscated and will be returned only to parents after students have served a detention.

Dress Down Policies | At times, HFWA will hold dress-down days as incentives, rewards, or fundraisers. The following guidelines must be adhered to:

▢ Clothing may not contain any references to profanity, drug use, or sexually explicit behavior.
▢ Pants cannot contain excessive rips (larger than 1 inch) and must sit above the hips.
▢ Shorts must reach the knee and are only permitted after May 1.
▢ Excessively tight clothing, tank tops, spandex, and leggings are not permitted.