Admissions Process

Please visit the websites linked on the right for important application information about deadlines and the entire process.

Admissions Criteria

Grades: Applicants must have grades of all A’s and B’s in major subject areas with the possibility of one C on the most recent report card.

Attendance: Exemplary attendance & punctuality of 95% (no more then 5 unexcused absences, no more then 5 unexcused instances of lateness) on most recent final report card.

If your family is interested in having your student placed in our complex support needs program, please work with your school’s counselor to contact the Office of Specialized Services at 215-400-4170.

Supplemental documents can be emailed to our counseling team:

Middle School Counselor (Gr. 6-8): Sean Anthony –

High School Counselor (Gr. 9-12): Tina Carugno –