School selection for 2020-2021 opens up on the school district’s website on

September 20th & closes November 1st at 5pm. 

Applications must be completed during School Selection.

Admissions Criteria:

Grades: Applicants must have grades of all A’s and B’s in major subject areas with the possibility of one C on the most recent report card.

Local Norms: Students must score at or above the 80th percentile in the reading and math sections of the PSSA or other nationally recognized standardized test.

Attendance: Exemplary attendance & punctuality (no more then 5 unexcused absences, no more then 5 unexcused instances of lateness) on most recent final report card.

Supplemental documents can be emailed to our counseling team:

Middle School Counselor (Gr. 6-8): Sean Anthony –

High School Counselor (Gr. 9-12): Tina Carugno –

If your family is interested in having your student placed in our complex support needs program, please work with your school’s counselor to contact the Office of Specialized Services 215-400-4170.