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Penn State University – College trip rescheduled to December 5th!
Depart 6:30 am – Return 7:30 pm



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Our Mission

Hill-Freedman World Academy is a special admission middle and high school in Northwest Philadelphia. We proudly serve students with a variety of backgrounds, talents, and needs. Hill-Freedman World Academy provides a rigorous academic environment that inspires individuality and fosters lifelong learners who are committed to being knowledgeable, caring, internationally-minded global citizens

Social Media Safety

The following websites are resources for parents and students on issues regarding the safe use of social media. Please note that Hill-Freedman World Academy is not responsible for the content of these sites, and parents and families are encouraged to seek out their own resources as well.

https://www.commonsensemedia.o rg/social-media

This website provides links to videos and articles designed to train parents in the latest trends in social media, all with the goal of promoting safe use of social media among students. ocial-web-tips-for-teens/

This website offers safety tips for teens about their use of social media. logs/healthy_kids/What-teens-n eed-to-know-about-social-media -and-the-law.html

This article reports on a specific case that demonstrates the legal ramifications of social media use, and what teens need to know.

This website offers many resources for parents, teens and educators on issues related to cyberbullying. y-safe-online/

This website offers tips for anyone of any age in how to safely use social media